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About AksTech

Aksiyon Technical Consultancy (AksTech) is established in 1999 to serve in the Turkish Metal Industry after 22 years of experience in Steel Industry and 12 years experience in Refractory/Ceramics Industry. With the experience over 50 years in Steel and Ceramics sectors, AksTech is representing several reliable global suppliers in Turkish Steel market supplying shaped / unshaped consumable refractory products and spare parts of several different industrial equipment in Steelmaking plants successfully.

Furthermore, AksTech represents several suppliers pioneering innovated turn-key projects and technologies in high performance rolling mills, high efficiency recuperators, new technology reheating furnaces, hot metal monitoring systems.

In 2012, AksTech initiated its business relationships in Mining industry related to supply of refractory oxides, especially Magnesite based, such as Raw, Calcined, Sintered Magnesite with several different technical specifications. Beyond the supply of raw materials, with 20 years of experience in this field, AksTech gives consultancy and supplies turn-key project solutions for calcination and sintering kilns for Magnesite.

AksTech has also its own manufacturing process for monolithic refractory products to supply into Steel and Cement customers.



Continuous Improvement of  our products and services with the principle of Customer Satisfaction by either being pioneer in innovation or with the help of close monitoring and local adaptation of industrial improvements.


Our mission is  giving consultancy service by its highly skilled manpower related to all products and services open for improvement, assisting to our customers in the selection of the best products and services which will generate optimum solutions.; and supplying high quality products and services in Turkish Metal, Ceramics, Mining and Energy industries.


Organizational Chart


Quality Policy


Ø  To control, minimize and securely prevent all conditions which can cause work accidents or environmental and human health issues by the systematic risk analyses,  

Ø  To work customer focused and manage the whole Sales Process in the best way by delivering the faultless products on time and in budget to be able to obtain continuous customer satisfaction,

Ø  To provide in Purchasing Process the delivery  of all faultless raw materials on time and in budget through strong and continuous relations with suppliers,

Ø  To minimize all negative elements in Manufacturing Process such as mistakes, cost, inventory, labor, development time, manufacturing area, rejects and customer complaints with the consideration of Lean Manufacturing,

Ø  To maximize the system efficiency and employee satisfaction by increasing the quality of the work environment with the help of 5S and Kaizen projects,

Ø  To develop the worker skills and methodologies continuously with the effective training techniques and active participation of employees to Quality Management System,

Ø  To improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System continuously by blending all of its processes with the necessities of Quality Management System.