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Isostatic Refractories

AksTech is representing a worldwide well known company in Isostatic Refractory Technology for Tundish flow protection and control applications.

Isostatic pressing of carbon bonded refractory oxides is a tecnology allowing complex designs in steelmaking refractories for some special applications. These special applications are mostly classified in two main groups, such as protection of the stream, and controlling the liquid steel flow from tundish to mold. These products are widely used for quality steels by slab and alloy steelmakers.

Ladle To Mold




Product Range:

B: Ladle Shroud (LS)

C: Stopper Rod (SR)

H: Tundish Nozzle (TN)

D: Tundish Shroud (TS)

I: Submerged Nozzle (SN)


Ladle Shroud (LS), is used for the protection of the steel stream from ladle to tundish. The connection of LS is done to the collector nozzle of the Ladle Slide Gate with the help of a manipulator. The LS has a submerged entry to the steel bath in theTundish. Primarily, LS application will prevent the re-oxidation of the steel, reduce the Nitrogen pickup, improve steel cleanliness and create a safer environment by eliminating splashing.  There are also some secondary benefits, such as less consumption of the tundish covering compound, less tundish heat loss and less radiation from Tundish to Ladle.


Stopper Rod (SR), is used to control the steel flow from the Tundish to Mold. The SR fixed into the Tundish on the casting strand with the help of a steel rod, fixed into the SR, and connected to manipulator arm which can control the SR with upward-downward movements. The SR control mechanisms can be manual-controlled or automatic-driven. The SR sits on the seat area of either a Tundish Nozzle (TN) or a Submerged Nozzle (SN) which are both casting channels out from the tundish. Under the TN a type Tundish Shroud  (TS) has to be used. The TN to TS connection can be done with various possible methods, such as either direct refractory conical connection or with the help of a exchange mechanism. Depending on the connection method, TS may have different sizes and connections from the TN to the mold. Several models are designed according to customer needs. The SN is long one- piece solution to allow directly the submerged flow into the mold from the Tundish.


Please contact to our specialists for investigating suitable design and quality for your applications.